2Support our customers through an integrated, unique and more convenient services offer

Where we are now
Services are a core part of our business, but our services businesses are not integrated, e.g. we have separate Retail and Autocentres websites.
We have a number of differentiated services, such as our 3Bs (Blades, Batteries and Bulbs) fitting, but there is an opportunity to do more. For example, there is low awareness of our E-Bike servicing and hybrid car servicing capabilities.
The average drive time for a member of the public to a Halfords Autocentre is 30 minutes. However, we know customers want a drive time of no more than 20 minutes. In addition, the manual booking process is difficult to navigate and needs to be improved.
Where we will be moving to
We will have a unified services identity across the Group through:
  • One seamless website, combining Halfords Retail and Halfords Autocentres
  • We-Fit services available on demand in garages
  • Digital colleague booking process and control of service delivery
The introduction of Halfords Mobile Expert (HME) provides:
  • A comprehensive mobile mechanic offer covering over a quarter of UK households via a fleet of vans
  • The option of having services performed at the customer's home or place of work, with bookable time slots
  • 12 service offerings including battery and tyre repair and replacement; air conditioning service; and windscreen chip repair
Convenience will be improved by:
  • Combining our physical estate with a consistent mobile services offer and increased availability
  • Future roll-out of garages to reduce average drive time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Roll out of HME services to major urban areas

Case Study

The year has seen us increase our focus on mobile servicing through Halfords Mobile Expert. We now have a comprehensive offer covering a quarter of UK households via our fleet of mobile vans.

Through Halfords Mobile Expert, customers can have a wide range of services provided at a location convenient to them. Services include tyre replacement, battery fitting, air conditioning top up, windscreen chip repair as well as oil and fluid replacements and car diagnostic checks.

There has been a strong positive reception to Halfords Mobile Expert, receiving excellent customer reviews across the board. The ability to have these products and services delivered to your door seven days a week is appealing to our customers and it will open up a new route to market, with us able to reach customers who otherwise would not be Halfords customers.

Our goal is for our customers to be able to purchase a product or service on our website and choose where to have it fitted – in a retail store, in an Autocentre, or fitted at their home through Halfords Mobile Expert. Crucial to this is the booking platform in which we are investing, and which will unify all of our businesses via a single portal.

Priorities for the year

  • Group booking platform through one Group website
  • Extension of the PACE platform in Autocentres allowing us to actively monitor and improve utilisation across the estate, facilitating a paperless operation
  • Trial of a new garage format across our Autocentres estate
  • Further investment in Halfords Mobile Expert
  • The roll-out of on-demand services is being expanded to a regional trial