1Inspire our customers through a differentiated, super-specialist shopping experience

Where we are now
We are currently a 'generalist' with a focus on motoring and cycling but also a range of other loosely-associated product categories. Our customers tell us that this generalist approach undermines our aspiration to demonstrate specialist credentials.
Innovation is industry-led with unique products comprising a very small proportion of our ranges. We have a good own-brand product range, but this is not highly differentiated.
Customer Experience
The customer experience is improving with a strong 'Click & Collect' online proposition delivering growth in performance. However there are significant opportunities for improvement, such as upgrading our estate, leading on services, and defragmenting our online and offline customer journeys.
Where we will be moving to
We will become a super-specialist by:
  • Reducing our non-core products
  • Increasing our online ranges of motoring and cycling products
  • Investing in training with even greater focus on specialism
  • Enhancing our cycling specialism credentials via growth in our Performance Cycling business; adding exclusive brands to our range; and strengthening strong, collaborative relationships with our key suppliers
We will lead and differentiate our markets with customer-led innovation by:
  • Utilising customer insight to develop products we know they want and need
  • Investing in a focused innovation team to develop new and truly unique products
Customer Experience
We will improve our customer shopping journey online and in-store by:
  • Bringing Halfords' services and products together on one website
  • Focusing on personalisation by leveraging our Group-wide Single Customer View
  • Integrating the Services booking experience to include nearest available location and timeslot
  • Enhancing store and autocentre facilities and layouts

Case Study

During Q3, Halfords made significant changes to the range of bulbs that are offered in-stores and online. In our stores, the space given to bulbs was reduced from seven bays to four and our overall bulb SKU count reduced by 36%.

The journey that customers experienced became simpler by removing the complexities from the range and improving the in-store marketing. In our range of Halfords own-brand bulbs, we have implemented a clear 'Good', 'Better', 'Best' range to further simplify the customer shopping experience, and for brand loyal customers we have simplified selection and offer such customers GE-branded bulbs in addition to our own-brand products.

Since implementation, the amount of stock we hold in our warehouses has reduced by 20% but we have continued to maintain our high standards of being able to offer a bulb for 97% of the car parc. Our customers have responded well to the changes we have made, demonstrated through our customer rating scores being up year-on-year.

Priorities for the year

  • One Group website that is faster and more dynamic
  • Better store layouts which are easier to shop
  • More ranges of own-brand products
  • Developing plans for enhanced in-store experience
  • Improved in-store and in-garage systems and selling tools