Shares in Group undertaking
As at 30 March 201820.9
Additions – share-based payments0.3
At 29 March 201921.2

The investments represent shares in the following subsidiary undertakings as at 29 March 2019 and the fair value of share-based compensation plans that are awarded to employees of the Company's subsidiary undertakings.

Subsidiary undertakingIncorporated inOrdinary shares
percentage owned %
Halfords Holdings (2006) LimitedGreat Britain*100Intermediate holding company

* Registered in England and Wales.

In the opinion of the Directors the value of the investments in the subsidiary undertakings is not less than the amount shown above.

The related undertakings of the Company at 29 March 2019 are as follows:

Subsidiary undertakingPrincipal activity% Ownership
of ordinary
equity shares
Subsidiaries registered in England & Wales, with a registered address of:
Icknield Street Drive, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 0DE
Halfords Holdings (2006) LimitedIntermediate holding company100
Halfords Holdings Limited*Intermediate holding company100
Halfords Finance Limited*Intermediate holding company100
Halfords Limited*Retailing of auto parts, accessories, cycles and cycle accessories100
Halfords Payment Services Limited*Dormant100
Halfords Investments (2010) LP**Intermediate holding partnership100
Halfords Autocentres Holdings Limited*Intermediate holding company100
Halfords Autocentres Funding Limited*Dormant100
Halfords Autocentres Limited*Car servicing100
Halfords Autocentres Acquisitions Limited*Dormant100
NW Autocentres Limited*Dormant100
Halfords Autocentres Developments Limited*Dormant100
Stop N' Steer Limited*Dormant100
Halfords Vehicle Management Limited*Dormant100
Boardman Bikes Limited*Cycle design and cycle sales100
Boardman International Limited*Cycle design and cycle sales100
Cycle Republic Limited*Dormant100
Performance Cycling Holdings Limited*Intermediate holding company100
Tredz Limited*Non-trading100
Wheelies Direct Limited*Dormant100
Performance Cycling Limited*Retailing of cycles and cycle accessories100
Giant (Wales) Limited*Non-trading100
Subsidiary registered in the Republic of Ireland, with a registered address of:
c/o DWF Dublin, 4 George's Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1, DO1 X8N7
Halfords Limited (ROI)*Dormant100
Other equity investment, registered in Northern Ireland, with a registered address of:22 Derryall Road, Portadown, Craigavon, Northern Ireland, BT62 1PL
Hamilton Internet Services Limited*E-Commerce7.7

* Shares held indirectly through subsidiary undertakings.

** Wholly owned indirectly through subsidiary undertakings.

The only subsidiaries to trade during the year were Halfords Limited, Halfords Autocentres Limited, Boardman Bikes Limited, Boardman International Limited and Performance Cycling Limited.